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Biblias Gratuitas

Free Bibles to Missionaries and Pastors in South America:

God has blessed our ministry by being chosen as the South American distributors of the Reina Valera Gómez Bible (RVG). In turn, we want to be a blessing to as many missionaries and national pastors as we can with these Bibles. The bibles themselves will be free to those who receive them.

We ask just a few things to make sure these bibles are used in the way they are intended.

1. We prefer that the recipients follow the same faith and practice as those who sacrificed to have these bibles printed and shipped.


2. We want to make sure you are in agreement with the RVG. We would not want to ship bibles and then have them set aside because the recipient has chosen to use another version.

3. We request that discretion be used in the giving of these bibles in your respective ministries. They are to help ministries train people in the Word. We would prefer that the bibles not be handed out like tracts or John/Romans.

4. These bibles are not to be sold. We received the Bible, God’s Word, as a gift from God. Churches and individuals in the USA have given of themselves so that these could be printed for our use. Even more have given so that these bibles could be shipped to Peru. Each one has “given” so that these bibles would be free and available for God’s glory.

5. Pastors and missionaries will need to cover the cost of shipping to their respective ministries. We will work with those who want them to find the best way and least expensive.
If you can agree with these five points and would like RVG Bibles for your ministry, please contact Don Rich at:


USA Tel. # 678-921-5116
Peru Tel.# 076-34-8950
* Please have an idea of how many bibles you will be needing when you contact us. Also, please know who delivers in your area so we can find a common carrier to use for the shipment.