And the Blessings Just Keep on Coming!

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And the Blessings Just Keep on Coming!

May 1, 2019

   Well here we go again, trying to fit so much in so little space. As you will see, God continues to bless.

   On April 6 we took our youth to a park in the mountains for a day of fellowship and the Word. Then we brought them back to our house where Carla had lunch grilled and prepared. Boy can those guys eat! It was a great day for all.

   On Good Friday, our Cajamarca church projected a documentary about the history of Satan. We had a good attendance and there were 2 saved! Between our Cajamarca church and the Guadalupe church we have seen at least eight more saved since our last letter.

   On April 23, Carla and I celebrated 37 years of marriage! We praise God for the privilege of serving Him together.

   Then, on April 27 we completed a six-week Bible Institute class on the Doctrine of the Church. Twenty-three students received certificates of completion last Sunday morning. They are already asking for another class! These guys enjoy learning more of God’s Word and plan for their lives. My exhortation to them is to not just ‘learn’ but DO!

   Our intern Darren has been a big help with several projects that have needed to be completed. He has also helped with the church music, playing the banjo. He and another young man in our church take turns teaching at our youth meetings. Darren has also taught in the kids’ SS class. He feels that God is calling him to this area and will return after his deputation time, which he plans to begin around July of this year.

   The last week of March, Carla and I were able to attend a three-day Bible conference in central Florida. While there, we were able to speak with Bro. Dan Hummel of Beacon of Truth printing ministry. They are interested in sending us ministry materials for distribution (more below). With the pastor and missionary contacts that we have now, we will be able to get these distributed and it will be a great blessing for all those who receive them.

   We are in the process of constructing a brick storage building in our tiny back yard that will be used as our Bible and tract distribution center. In the past we used a shipping container for storage but the owner of the property where it was located is selling the property and renting would be costly. This building will be a little larger than a shipping container, allowing plenty of room. Why build now? We will be receiving 25,000 Bibles soon. Another 25,000 is planned to be here by next May. Also Beacon of Truth has told us that when we do not have Bibles, they want to keep us supplied with Romans booklets, tracts, and other materials! They also said they wanted to provide the funds for the Bible and tract ministry building! God continues to enlarge our ministry. We will be even busier, if that is possible. As we’ve said many times before… “HELP WANTED”. Could God be calling you to Peru?!

   And… a church in the US is sending us around 3200 John/Roman booklets for distribution. Victory Baptist Press said they wanted to cover the cost of having them shipped to their location so they can place them on the container with the shipment of Bibles that we pray will be here by June. As we said, “the blessings just keep on coming”.

   Bibles are being completed and boxed at VBP as you read this. There are already enough printed to start some distribution. We have coordinated for 18 cases of Bibles to be sent soon directly to a ministry in Venezuela!

   We are in the planning stages for an international Bible conference here in Peru around May of next year. It will be a big undertaking. Please pray as we continue to work towards that goal.

   There are more new photo albums on our website Take a look!

May God richly bless each of you,

Don & Carla Rich