Anniversaries Abound!

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Anniversaries Abound!

September 1, 2018

   We’d like to begin with an update to our last prayer letter. Carla was able to receive her test results right before we left the US. We praise the Lord for a great report, with no problems found! Thank you for your continued prayers.

   We returned from furlough with a great reception from our church folk. We hit the ground running, planning the anniversary services for our Cajamarca church, visiting our Guadalupe church on the coast, getting ready to receive a group and another individual visiting at separate times, and just settling back into life on the mission field.

   On July 15, Carla and I celebrated our 15-year anniversary as missionaries in Peru. We traveled to our Guadalupe church that weekend, which was such a good reminder of just how God has blessed our ministry throughout the years. There was such a sweet spirit with a good group in the services. Afterwards, we had cake and tamales. The menu may sound strange, but it was delicious!

   On July 20th, Pastor José Zamora, celebrated his 10th year as pastor of our Cajamarca church. The church purchased him a new pair of dress shoes and we enjoyed cake in his honor to celebrate this milestone and his faithfulness to God’s Word and God’s work.

   August 10-12th, we celebrated the 13th anniversary of our Cajamarca church! Pastor Kenny Griffin, from one of our supporting churches in S.C. preached on Friday night. We had a visiting Peruvian pastor, Ruben Sangama, preach on Saturday evening and the first message on Sunday. Then I (Don) preached the second of two messages on Sunday morning. We had special music from church members, visiting choirs, our American visitors, and our own church choir. We also baptized one young lady on Sunday morning. After the service, there was plenty of food and fellowship.

   We had a great time hosting a group from one of our supporting churches. We were able to minister in two locations in the mountains around us. We supplied much needed medical equipment to a clinic, and warm clothes to a school in a very poor area. As mentioned above, the group was a great help in our anniversary services, singing, playing instruments, giving testimonies, and preaching.

   As I write, we are enjoying a visit from a man from N. Carolina who heard about our ministry from another missionary friend of ours. He brought with him some solar-powered Bible study units, which were a great blessing as we distributed them to mountain pastors and others for personal study. We were able to show Bro. Mike some of the need and opportunities for ministry in our area. Bro. Mike is searching for God’s will as to how he can better be involved in missions.

   Since our last prayer letter, we have seen 5 more souls saved at our churches. Four of those were led to the Lord by new church members in our Guadalupe church! It is great to watch these souls grow and multiply.

Bible Ministry – Because of some repairs needed on the printing press and other financial delays such as rising costs, it appears that we may not receive more Bibles from Victory Baptist Press until sometime in the first quarter of next year. I continue to receive requests weekly for Bibles. Please pray that God will provide the funds that VBP needs to get these Bibles printed and on their way.

   Carla and I want to thank each of you who faithfully pray for us and support us financially. You will never know how humbling it is to know that you are behind us. May God continue to bless each of you in a way that only He can.

Thank you for your heart for missions,

Don & Carla Rich