Blessings Abound

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Blessings Abound

September 1, 2022

Hello from the beautiful Andes Mountains,

   Carla and I have just returned to Peru this week after our short furlough where we visited some supporting churches, and we also were invited to a couple of new ones. God blessed our time with them, our home church, our group travel missions and our families and friends. It was a refreshing but busy time. In August we participated in another beautiful wedding. This one was for Moriah Rice (Black), another daughter of our dear friends. We went fishing with our son and my brother and had a fish fry for friends and family. We also were able to see our granddaughter Wyndee begin to ride her bicycle without training wheels. It is events like this that we miss while on the mission field so we feel blessed when we can be there for them.

   We returned to Cajamarca to what would be called our Spring here in Peru. We still have cool weather at night but sunny and around 65 degrees so far during the day. Our seasons are reverse of what we have in the US. Summer is on its way which is also our rainy season. It can get downright soggy at times, but it is much needed for the farms in the mountains and valleys around us.

   In our last letter we wrote about celebrating 19 years on the field in Peru. On August 14 we had another celebration. That was the 17th anniversary of our first church here in Cajamarca. They celebrated with a guest speaker for the three services, dinner on the grounds, and a baptismal service where two were baptized and one more was saved!

Our Guadalupe church is still struggling but has seen a new couple visiting faithfully in the past few weeks. Please continue to pray for Pastor Juan Carlos and us as we work together to make wise decisions for this ministry. We rest in the fact that God’s Word does not return void but accomplishes His purpose.

Bible Ministry Update: We have heard great news that Victory Baptist Press has received the paper for the next printing of around 25,000 Bibles. They have had some setbacks including a forklift needing repair that is used to lift the large rolls of paper to the printing press. We continue to pray that all will go well in order for us to have Bibles by the end of this year or the first part of 2023. I continue to get requests from all over S. America from those who are in need of Bibles for their congregations.

We are looking forward to the coming months as we have plenty to do and are expecting some special visitors. More on that in our future letters.

We have had a total of four more saved and 3 more baptized in our ministry since our last prayer letter. God continues to bless the work, and we are honored to be messengers of our King here in Peru.

May God bless each of you for your prayers and support!

Don & Carla Rich