Committing to the Faithful

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Committing to the Faithful! 2 Timothy 2:2

   It has been another couple of busy months here in northern Peru, both in the mountains and in our work on the coast.

   On October 15th, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our work on the coast in Guadalupe. We took the opportunity on that weekend to help a small church in a neighboring city called San José de Moro. We were able to provide reading glasses to those who needed them. We then projected the movie “War Room” with our Mobile Unit in the street in front of the church. We had around fifty-five in attendance. The plan of salvation was presented, then I introduced the pastor of the local church. The pastor was encouraged as it helped attract attention to their church and ministry. The movie also taught a great biblical lesson to those in attendance.

   Our Guadalupe church is beginning to see some growth in faithfulness, with several new visitors also. This past weekend, we celebrated Pastor Appreciation Day with a good group attending and some great fellowship. At the same time, our Cajamarca church was celebrating with the pastor there. Carla had baked some cupcakes that were decorated to look like little sheep to celebrate this event. Not baaaaahhhhhhd! They were enjoyed by all.

   Both of our churches had soul winning/visitation days recently. There was a total of four saved during those efforts; three in Cajamarca and one in Guadalupe. In total, we have seen at least eleven saved recently between the two churches with ages ranging from 11 to 71 years old!

Bible Institute – Carla and I are so pleased to share with you that our first module of the Bible Institute has now been completed. We had great attendance in each of the seven two-hour classes as we delved into the Doctrine of Salvation. Each of the classes was filled with plenty of note taking, several good questions, and a great interest in God’s Word. We will be giving certificates of completion to twenty students who successfully completed the class, scoring well on each of their tests, were punctual, and were faithful in attendance. The certificate ceremony will be held next Sunday during our morning services. (We’ll post pictures on the website as soon as they are available.) The students are already asking for more classes! What a blessing to have people wanting to learn more about our God and His Word.

Bible Ministry– As we told you in our last letter, we now have a request to get Bibles into VENEZUELA. After having to work out some details, we will be shipping them next week. Please pray that these Bibles will arrive quickly and will reach the hands of those who need them. There is so much corruption and violence in that country. They, like so many others, urgently need the Gospel.

Jungle Ministry – We have told you about the six doctrinal training books that we had translated into the native Awajun dialect and printed for pastors in the jungles of Peru. We are still working on the last two books and hope to have them printed before the end of the year. Having done all this work on computer, we now have a digital file of the information should anyone else want to print it for training purposes. We made it available by email and have now distributed it to several national pastors and missionaries. The only prerequisite for receiving it is that it never be sold, only shared. Its purpose is to train those who for so long have had little to nothing in their dialect to study.

Furlough – Our plans are coming together well, with very few meetings open on our calendar. We have tried several times to reach each of the supporting churches that we weren’t able to see on our last short furlough. We are still waiting to hear back from a few of them. We look forward to seeing family and friends, and sharing what God has been doing here in Peru over the past several years. If your church would like for us to come, please contact us through email ( or call us at 678-921-5116.

* “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few” Is God calling you?

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

Don & Carla Rich