God’s Blessings and GREAT NEWS!

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God’s Blessings and GREAT NEWS!
November 1, 2015

Our God is good and never ceases to amaze us with His blessings, provision, and protection. We have now been in the US for two months, almost half way into our short furlough. We are staying very busy and enjoying visiting the best churches in the world, those who have partnered with us in reaching South America for Christ and His glory.

We are in contact with our national pastor, youth pastor, and others in our church in Peru. The church continues to grow while we are away. They have seen at least two more saved and have baptized five. They also have held a youth banquet and other activities at the church with good attendance.

We have been advised that the country of Peru is expecting rougher weather than usual in the next few months because of the “El Niño” affect. Our rainy season starts soon and all school children have been instructed they will be going to classes six days a week. This is so that they can finish early before the heavy rains arrive. Please keep Peru in your prayers during the coming months.

You may have noticed the new updated letterhead that we are using this time. Recently, we were told about a printing ministry that works with missionaries in designing, printing, and mailing out their prayer letters. We contacted them and were amazed to find out just how much money we could save by using their services. They are able to mail with bulk rates so it is very economical. This will be such a blessing to our ministry as we strive to be the best stewards possible of what God provides. Please let us know if you encounter any problems in receiving our mailed prayer letter with this new system. Also, remember that you can receive it by email if you would like. Just let us know and we will make the change. Our email is don@rich2peru.com.

Now for the BIG NEWS!!! Carla and I were recently in Florida for the Victory Baptist Press workers’ banquet. I was honored to speak to this great group of volunteers and staff. During the meeting, Bro. Jim Fellure, General Director of the printing ministry, announced that they are starting a campaign to raise the funds to send ANOTHER 25,000 whole Bibles to our ministry in Peru!!!

As you know, over the past couple of years, we have distributed around 48,000 Bibles to seven different countries in South America. God is not done yet! I continue to receive emails asking for Bibles for ministries in need all over the continent. Carla and I want to thank everyone again who has helped make this possible in the past and pray that you and many more would once again join us in “getting the Word out” in S. America.

Our Savior did not sit down until His job was done. We can’t sit down now when there is so much more to do! If you will help with this project, please send all Bible printing support to:

Victory Baptist Press
P.O. Box 766
Milton, FL 32572

PLEASE make sure that all support for this project is sent with a NOTE that it is for BIBLES FOR PERU. Their website is victorybaptistpress.com. Giving can be done online there also. The last campaign only took ten months to raise the funds needed. Let’s see how quickly God will work to do it again!

As we come into the holiday season, Carla and I would like to give thanks for each of you who stand behind us in prayer and financial support. May God richly bless you, your families, and your ministries as you continue to work until He comes. We pray that you all have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

Serving Him for you in Peru,

Don & Carla Rich