Great News and Peru Happenings!

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July 6, 2014

Last month, we told you about the millions of tracts that are being sent to us from Fellowship Tract League so that we can distribute them to the missionaries and national pastors who need them. When the loading was complete, they shipped a total of 9,250,000 Gospel tracts. The container arrived in Lima on June 29 and we have a company who is taking care of the paperwork so that customs can release it. Once they do, we have a truck ready to haul the container the 14-15 hour drive to our town in the mountains. We will then have to hire a crane wrecker to set the container from the truck to the ground. Once that is done, we can start distribution!

On June 7, we presented another video on a square in Cajamarca using the Mobile Unit. We had forty-five present and TEN made decisions for Christ! We are planning another presentation very soon in a rural farming community where a national pastor is holding Bible studies and wants to start a church.

On June 9, the Rice family, consisting of six kids and two adults (8, if you are counting) moved into our home with us. They will be staying with us until they are ready to return to the states to prepare for their move to Italy to minister as missionaries. It is fun having them in our home and it will be hard to see them go, but when God called, they listened. If you know of a church that is looking to support a good missionary in Italy and would like to have them visit, please let us know and we will have them get in touch to set up a meeting. I know they want to get to their new mission field as soon as possible.

Two great friends, Ken and Worth, from one of our supporting churches, came to visit us recently. They have been here a couple of times and are planning on coming back next year with a group. While here this time, they helped us install a drop-ceiling in the Bible Institute auditorium which is approximately 60 x 30ft. It was a lot of work but it looks great. This helped tremendously with the echo problem and lighting, and will make it a very comfortable place to teach. See for yourself on our website-

Update on the Bible project: Around $40,000 has now been raised in less than six months. The paper has been ordered and received. The printing plates are about ready and printing will start soon. This is nothing short of a miracle! Around $16,000 is still needed to purchase the binding (covers), have them embossed, and pay for shipping. Please consider what you can do to help us get these Bibles here in Peru. If you would like to see the video that was made to introduce this campaign, please go to: . Please send all support to: Victory Baptist Press c/o Peru Project PO Box 766 Milton, FL 32572 .

Bible Distribution: As we came to the end of the last container of Bibles, I held on to some cases for our own ministry. But, when anyone asks for Bibles, I have a hard time holding on to them when I know that they are needed. I have now given all but two of those boxes away. I have more pastors writing me often, wanting to know when we will have more. What a blessing it will be to once again be shipping and personally delivering the new load when it arrives. This ministry has opened several doors with invitations to teach nationals in the jungle, preach at conferences, and visit jungle villages where the need of Bibles is great. So much to do, so little time.

We have seen at least seventeen decisions for Christ since our last prayer letter! It is always a blessing to bring more members into His family. Only God knows the impact that we have for Christ’s kingdom when we win a soul for Him.

I must be honest and say that I fight frustration at times as I think of the tremendous ministry opportunity we have and the building ready to be used for the Christian School, yet we have not had one qualified person call us stating they want to serve God in this way. We know you are out there. Stop fighting God and say yes! There are lost souls at risk.

Please keep Carla in your prayers. We have been to Lima twice to see a specialist for her elbow. She has a torn tendon and the doctor is trying immobilizing it in a sling for a few weeks before deciding if she will need surgery. We will be returning to Lima on July 16 for her next appointment.

I’ve made you wait this long for the “great news“. I guess it is time to fill you in. Carla and I will be grandparents to a new addition in a few months! Our daughter, Christa, has informed us that she is due in February of next year. We can’t wait to hold this new gift to our family.

Serving Him for You in Peru,

Don & Carla Rich