Ministry Opportunities Abound! Help Still Wanted!

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Ministry Opportunities Abound! Help still wanted!

November 4, 2014

   On October 5th, our morning church services were cancelled, along with all other public gatherings, because of a voting law. When it was over, we found out that the regional president (kind-of-like a governor) was re-elected. Some interesting facts: He is the same person who caused all of the protests over the gold mine… caused us to be locked in our home for two weeks, then flee the city at the first opportunity because of the rioting…it has been rumored that he paid millions to have out-of-towners come in to help protest, block roads, burn tires, etc. But, the kicker/most interesting fact about him is that he has been in jail since June for misuse of government funds and theft of millions of dollars that he was in charge of. These funds were to be used to build several hospitals in the poorest areas of the country. He is also in jail, awaiting trial, for his part in kidnapping and torturing. It is still undecided as to how it will be handled since he has not been convicted yet. Please pray for God’s hand in this situation.

Our Tract Ministry is keeping us very busy. We have already sent out many boxes, filled with hundreds of thousands of Gospel tracts. We receive more requests almost daily. The boxes have been sent from one end of the country to the other and many places in-between. I recently called one pastor to ask if he needed any tracts. He said that the night before, he and his church were praying about their need for tracts! God had us in the right place at the right time, with the right phone call! They were thrilled! Please pray for each person who will receive these tracts, that God will be glorified.

Our own church had a tract stamping night to stamp our church name on those we will personally use. Around 16,000 tracts were stamped in just one hour after church. Thirty-nine of our church people helped get the job done and enjoyed cake and hot chocolate afterwards.

We were very proud of our church as they overflowed a box we called the “Caja del Amor” (box of love) with personal hygiene and other items for a home for crippled/disabled children in our little town. This year we are stressing “ministry beyond the church walls” and the church is responding. We were not allowed to take pictures inside the home, but I can tell you that their faces lit up when the residents and workers at the home saw the blessing they had received.

I recently had the privilege of preaching for a family banquet at a church in a nearby city, and then preach for the married couples’ dinner at our own church here in Los Baños del Inca. We had 14 couples present and had a great time.

On Oct. 18, I took our Peruvian pastor with me on a trip to the jungle. We were able to deliver 30,000 tracts for distribution to six jungle pastors. We surveyed three jungle churches with thatch roofs that only last a short time. We will be helping them get tin for their roofs. We will also be purchasing a parcel of jungle property where a new church has started, so they can build their church building. The land will cost around $70 for 1/10 acre. We are also praying as to how we can help a partially burnt village where around 30-40 families lost their shack homes and the market goods they sold from their homes. While in this village, I presented the Gospel to a small group and one man made a decision for Christ. Our Peruvian pastor and I were treated to some good jungle meals which included boiled yucca, boiled banana rolled into a ball, sardine sized fish,… oh, and grub worms (Suri). It is an insult to turn down what they offer so, yes we ate it. It tasted like a grilled meat. I was also given a live duck as appreciation for visiting one village. Missionary life is full of surprises! * Take a look at the photos on our website of this and other recent events.

As always, there is more to tell and no space to tell it. Briefly: Youth sleep-over: one saved! Missions night at church with PowerPoint of the jungle trip and preaching on missions. Tracts passed out at two cemeteries during “Day of the Dead” celebration. Since our last prayer letter, we have seen at least eleven souls won to the Lord through our ministry!

Bible project update! After only 10 months, there is only $2,261 needed to finish this project and ship it to Peru! It is all but done! Would you like to help put it over the top? Help us “get the Word out”!

May God bless you all for your faithfulness in prayers and support of this ministry.

Serving Him for you in Peru,
Don & Carla Rich