September 15, 2004


One Year Down, Many to Go!!!

Dear Pastors, Praying Friends, and Family,

Whew! It’s been a quick two months since our last prayer letter and things have been busy and sometimes a little hectic. When our son started to fly back to GA after his visit with us for Christa’s graduation in July, we got a lesson in “free” air travel. Because of new “luggage weight restrictions” and the fact that Shawn was traveling using a “free” buddy pass a friend had given him, “he” could go back to the U.S., but his luggage could not. It had to be shipped as cargo the next day. After 4 ½ hrs. of paperwork (it’s takes a while here in Peru), walking from office to office, customs, etc., and a couple of hundred dollars, it was on it’s way on the same plane carrying the same weight it would have if it had gone with Shawn. Go figure.

On July 15th we celebrated our first year as missionaries in Peru! It has been wonderful and Carla and I look forward to many years working side by side for the Lord in this country.

We had a great trip to the states to place Christa in college. We were able to visit with friends and family, get Christa settled in, and even had the privilege of visiting a few churches who wanted us to stop by while we were in. It was good to see everyone. We miss Christa greatly but we know she is where God wants her. She loves college and has quickly made friends. We thank the Lord for our good friends who purchased her a ticket to return to Peru for Christmas. What a blessing!

While Carla’s parents were here for Christa’s graduation, we tried pachacamac, which is food cooked a special way in the ground. It included pork, beef, chicken, potatoes, and a sauce. It was delicious and we are glad we got to share it with family. I also tried anticucho (beef heart on a stick) about a week ago. Not bad for what it is. Christa had tried it a while back and I couldn’t let her out-do me, at least not on food.

We have had several groups here this summer, including some wonderful work groups to work on the children’s home. While the last group from south GA was here, I had the wonderful privilege of helping lead three men to the Lord including praying with them in Spanish. This was a first for me. Many others were also led to the saving knowledge of our Lord.

Carla and I have been enjoying church visitation each week. What a blessing it is to invite someone in their own language on Saturday and see them visit the church and accept the Lord on Sunday. God’s saving grace!

The construction of New Life Children’s Home here in Cieneguilla is coming along great. If you would like to see pictures of the construction from the start until now, please go to our website and take a look.

I have two prayer requests to share with you and would appreciate your fervent prayer:
1) My father continues to suffer with Parkinson’s disease and other medical problems. One advanced symptom of Parkinson’s is hallucinations. Please keep him and my family in your prayers during this tough time.
2) As we mentioned in our last prayer letter, we are in need of a 4 wheel drive vehicle to reach those lost souls in the more rural areas. We were able to raise part of the need while in the states and we have our van for sale now. This type of vehicle is expensive here. It will cost around $13-15,000 for a good used one. We should have a total of around $8000 after the sale of the van. Please pray for God to provide the remainder of the need.

May God bless each of you who read our prayer letters and continue to pray for us as we serve our Lord in the place of His calling.

Serving Him for you in Peru in 2004,

                                                                                           Don Rich & family

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