November 11, 2006


Dear Pastors, Praying Friends, and Family,

Time is flying by. We are staying busy and enjoying serving our Lord here in Los Baños del Inca. It has been a fast paced two months since our last prayer letter. In September we baptized two more and have been running over fifty in Sunday morning services and we even had over 50 in one evening service recently.

My sister and a lady from England both sent us beautiful puppets to use in our ministry. The kids are really enjoying the skits. Soon, we are planning on starting a Saturday kids’ club and the puppets will be making their appearances more often.

On Sept. 24th, we held our 100th church service. I led a praise and worship service with a walk thru the Psalms and we heard testimonies from our church members. It was a beautiful service and a joy to watch these growing Christians exercise their privilege to praise and give honor to our God.

Our members were recently challenged to take an active part in the finances of the building program for “their” church. They all stepped up to the challenge and got busy. We planned a special Sunday offering to be used solely for this purpose and everyone did their part. The ladies of the church planned and had a bake sale. In two hours they had sold all their goodies! Then they planned what is called a “Pollada (poyada)” which is a chicken dinner where tickets are pre-sold for the plates. When they arrive on the day of the feast, they come to eat and fellowship. They played volleyball and had a good time together. It all went very well and they raised a good amount of funds to help complete the building.

Building program update - We are almost ready to move the church into the new building. God has blessed us in being able to do this without having to return to the states to present the need. I explained in our last prayer letter that the contractor under-figured the cost of materials. This is common in this country but it puts a strain on the finances when it happens. We are praying and trusting that God would supply the need quickly. We are still planning to be in the building by the first of December, Lord willing.

Our church family recently suffered two deaths within two weeks. Neither were our church members but were parents of church members. At one funeral, the Catholics in the family did not want us to do the service so we lead the singing and then had a special private service with the Christians in the family. At the other funeral I was asked to lead the singing and preach. I gave a clear presentation of the Gospel to all family members and friends. We are praying for the Lord to work in the hardened hearts of many that were there.

Please continue to pray for Carla’s mother who found that she has a cancerous brain tumor. Also, remember my dad who has been battling Parkinson’s disease for many years.

Several have asked us when we would be in the states for our first furlough. When we arrived in Peru, we made a commitment to ourselves to serve four years before returning. This would allow us time to learn the language and customs, find a place to start our first works, and have a work well grounded before leaving it in the hands of a national pastor. We have stuck to our commitment and are planning on returning to the states in August of 2007 to begin furlough. We will be available for meetings beginning August 26, 2007 through June 25, 2008. If you would like for us to come to your church during this time, please contact us so we can plan on being with you. We have a GA telephone number (Vonage) that rings here in Peru. It is 678-921-5116. Our email address is . Please call or write. We look forward to seeing our families and friends and sharing what God is doing through us in Peru along with our vision for the future.

There are new photos on our web site. Take a look! See what your prayers and financial support are doing. May God continue to bless each of you for your faithfulness in prayer and support of our mission here in Cajamarca, Peru.



Serving Him for You in Peru,


                                                                                           Don Rich & family


P.S.-  We will be resuming our building program as the rainy season ends in Mar/Apr.  We are praying for the funds that would allow us to continue from phase to phase without stopping.  Please pray if the Lord would have you help.

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