November 6, 2002

MOVING Right Along


Dear Pastors, Praying Friends, and Family,

     Another month has passed and we are staying busy on the deputation trail.  God has blessed us with many meetings booked on into the first part of next year.  We have driven over 41,000 miles so far this year with two months and many meetings to go.  This time of year, we are enjoying driving and seeing God’s beautiful painted canvas as the leaves change colors.  Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel.

     We sold our home before going to Bible college and have been living in a basement apartment of my parent’s home since my graduation.  They had asked us to stay here until we knew where God would place us.  This has been a blessing.  Now, knowing where God wants us, we will not have to get out of a lease or sell a home when we have our full support.  We will be able to go immediately. 

     In the first week of October, we had a three day “moving sale”.  We had left many things stored away in boxes to be used when we moved into another home.  We inventoried and kept only those things that we would want to ship to Peru, including clothes, dishes, pictures, etc.  We found that we had nine eight-foot tables full of items to sell and the carport floor was full also.  Then we looked at our calendar and found that we had only one weekend between then and the end of the year that we could have the sale… and it was the next weekend!  We rushed to get everything ready and put out the signs.  God blessed these three days and at the end, the carport was like our Savior’s tomb…  IT WAS EMPTY!  With just a few items left, a lady from the county mental health organization came by and asked if we would donate any items left over to them for mentally challenged individuals who had very little but were trying to live on their own.  We were glad to help.  They came by and picked up three boxes of small items and then gave us a receipt to be used as a tax deduction.  God is so good! 

     We have contacted a couple of shipping agencies and are getting quotes on shipping our personal items when we move.  We are trying to get everything lined up and praying for “the miracle”.

     Update:  Last month, we asked that many of you fast and pray with us for God to supply the rest of our support so that we will be ready to leave by the end of February.  We would ask that you continue to pray.  We have three months to see God work in a miraculous way.  Jer. 32:17 says there is nothing too hard for God.  Matt. 7:7 tells us to keep on asking, seeking, and knocking.   Don’t stop praying now!  We need your help.

     Let me close this letter with a praise.  At another meeting recently, we saw another soul saved.  I am so glad that our God is alive and in the soul-saving business!!! 


Your missionaries to Peru,


                                                                                           Don Rich & family

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