November 6, 2008


Playing in the Dirt Again!


     PRAISE THE LORD!!!  After many days, weeks, and months of canceled meetings, waiting on government paperwork and changes in plans, we began construction on October 20th!  As I am writing this letter the workers are pouring the first batches of concrete.  This will be the bases for the huge columns that will hold up the church, Christian school and Bible Institute!  Can you tell we are excited!?  The vision has been put into motion!  Our church members are excited and our unsaved neighbors are inquisitive.  Last Sunday morning our church members went outside after the service and had a time of prayer over the construction site.  They thanked God and asked Him to bless each individual, family, SS class and church that has made it possible for them to see such a miracle.  Several are making plans to be married or renew their vows in this building when it is completed.  Others continue asking when the school will be opened.  Even others are asking when the Bible Institute will begin.  I can only tell them that it will be in God’s timing.  We are all praying that God will provide the needed funds to complete the construction as soon as possible to His glory.  We are also praying for wisdom in each decision, good weather and safety for the workers.  There is so much ministry to be accomplished.  We promise to do our best to keep the pictures updated on our website so you can watch the progress. 

     We and our church have been helping another missionary family start a Bible Study in a neighboring pueblo.  It is doing well and they have recently found a larger building to rent so that they can expand and have a kids’ class.

     On Sept. 27th the adults of our church created an evening for the youth of our church.  The youth banquet was a success with our youth inviting their unsaved friends.  Some of the guests continue to come to our church and we pray that they will soon accept Christ as their Savior.

     The president of Peru, Alan Garcia, made a surprise visit to our little town on Sept. 3 as he came to inspect the new government building.  I was in town taking care of some of the construction paperwork when I saw his helicopter land and his motorcade drive up.  I quickly called Carla and had her bring the camera.  Since it was not an announced visit there were not many people.  I got a couple of quick photos as he exited the building.

     The youth of our church wanted to get “hands-on” in ministry.  They chose to put on a special dinner for the adults of the church.  It was a beautiful evening with games, music, dramas, good food and fellowship.  I preached on “God’s Spiritual Family” and gave an invitation.  Although no one received Christ that night the seed was planted.  One of the guests returned on Sunday and was gloriously saved! 

     In the past two months we have seen three souls saved, two baptized and three receive assurance of their salvation.  God has been busy and we are doing our best to keep up with Him.

Stateside:  1. My (Don’s) dad is back at home after another stay in the hospital.  Praise the Lord this time he doesn’t have to have a catheter!  This has been a cause of several problems and hospital visits.  Forgive me if this is a sensitive or private topic but we are giving God the praise for this small miracle.   2. Carla’s mother will be having back surgery on Dec. 15.  Please keep her in your prayers during this difficult time. 

     We have placed several new photo albums on our website, .  Please take the time to view them and know that each of you have a part in what God is doing here.  You encourage Carla and me with your prayers and support.  Only God can know the full impact that you personally have in His mission in Peru.  May God bless each of you and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. 


                                                                                                Serving Him for you in Peru,

Don & Carla Rich



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